No Fees - Period.

Pay no per-messages fees, unlike with so-called premium SMS services


No Short Codes, Either

No asking customers to text PIZZAPIE to 72404. Ugh!


Increase Sales

Reach out to customers using high converting text messages.


Unlimited subscribers

Easily manage unlimited subscribers from a dashboard.

no fees sms

Imagine on one of your slow nights being able to blast a text message to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of subscribers, giving them a discount redeemable instantly. This simple 5-minute step could result in a packed restaurant or store. Let No Fee SMS take this from your imagination to reality with our Smart SMS plug-in for WordPress. Don't have a WordPress site? No problem. Just install WordPress in a domain folder, install our plug-in, which generates a customer sign-up form, and link to the form from your site. Then send as many text blasts to subscribers as you want while paying zero per-message fees -- unlike with most SMS services. Put another way, all you ever pay to use this miraculous program is a one-time fee. Compare to other SMS services...


Bulk SMS     

No Fees SMS      

Value SMS

5,000 SMS Per Month $715 Unlimited $750
50,000 SMS Per Month $5,500 Unlimited $6,000
250,000 SMS Per Month $24,750
Unlimited $22,000
1M SMS Per Month $88,000
Unlimited $90,000
No Short Codes

"But what if my site doesn't use WordPress," you ask? No problem. As stated above, simply install WP in a folder of your site domain, and install our plug-in. Then just link to the web form from your regular site. No worries, we can install WP and/or the Smart SMS plug-in for you for an additional fee.


You get three main benefits from using No Fee SMS:

Using No Fee SMS is super easy -- simply...

SMS Process

We can deliver this cycle of growth easily by providing your business with a postcard (see samples below) and similar materials -- each containing a QR Code that takes customers right to your online form.

pizza postcard

doctor postcard

list of providers

Our Smart SMS plug-in is a Web-to-SMS platform. Web to SMS allows you to send text messages to any phone from any computer. Here's a short video about how the Smart SMS plug-in works:

Our SMS service features:

Make text messaging part of your marketing plan today!

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